Who We Are

The team behind Clarity Home Builders

We are Trevar and Joe. Building beautiful homes is what we do. Although seemingly complex, it's all really quite simple. Let us sum this up. It all starts with a conversation, a vision from you, our client, the most important part of the project. What do you need, how do you need it? What kind of space do you want to surround you? How do you want it to express who you are? We can go on and on but the point is we prioritize getting to know you. It's our first step in building. What comes after is a whole bunch of awesome.

Step by step we navigate through the processes and actions of your project together. Just think of us as your translator, you speak the language you know how to and let us translate it to technical building language and show you what it means, looks like, feels like etc. How cool is that!? By the end of the project you'll be a pro too!

With over 40 years combined experience in the field, we know what looks good on paper takes a whole bunch of talent to make it tangible in real life. That's why everyone we work with and everyone who is on the team has the pride and craftsmanship we set our standards to. We always inspect what we expect. We always maintain full transparency through our principles. The process is simple and automated. It can be replicated over and over. The secret ingredient is you, our client!

Let us bring the Clarity to your project. You’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. Let’s build together. Because building beautiful homes is what we do, but creating great relationships is who we are.

Let’s work together